Delka, a new way to live the office


Delka, a new way to live the office.

What is freedom? There are many answers: emotions, moments, action, expressions … For Delka freedom is the opportunity to choose; to decide how to organize space and live it according to your needs. You can choose to combine different elements and styles and customize individual components to have infinite possible solutions.


Delka, free compositions for free choices.

What makes that metal a special material, is its resistance and malleable nature at the same time. Delka has made his this feature and as metal can assume infinite ways of forms, as much Delka offers customers infinite ways of compositions, starting from 4 simple elements: workstations, cabinets, storage systems and office chairs.


100% recyclable
Metal is a completely recyclable material, and the products made with it have a longer life respect to many other raw materials, reducing this way the consume in time.


Fire resistant
The metal’s fire resistance property, makes it as one of the safest material for the building and making of industrial products


Stop emissions
Thanks to metal formaldehyde emissions are reduced, result: the working place is more healty.


The best combination is the one you choose
Freedom to create in harmony. Because the customization offered by Delka goes beyond the single element and allows to organize entire spaces on the base of their function. The purpose is to give a sense of continuity and tuning between the ambients and in the same time underline the specific target of each place.


Tailor made…out of size, of any size.
It doesn’t matter what your passions are, Delka gives you the instruments to express your personality. Like we don’t give limits to our passions, Delka does not give limit to customization, and gives the possibility to choose the ideal dimension to ambitions of all size.



Design with no worries.
Delka products are the result of a completely italian production process, managed in accordance with lean production system called Kanbanbox, a steamlined production flow, thanks to which Delka is able to grant a quick and flexible service to customers. Moreover, delivery time is reduced, and all the individual steps of production cycle are traceable, preventing system’s errors and allowing a reduction of minimum order quantities.